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iphone 4 Latest news for mafia 2 playboy covers iphone 4 Two more updates for Mafia 2 have been released on the Switch (and the Wii U), and the third and final DLC (downloadable content) has been added to the game as well. The first is "Christmas Content", which is now available to download. You can play as two new characters, and there's a mini game to play, called "Assumptions". Fiat money is the only currency in the game, and it's obtained by picking up money on dead bodies around the map and by killing bandits. Your character can carry five different weapons, but you can't switch them at will. You can also use the "Assumptions" mini game to shoot at the air above the robbers with a sniper rifle. If you shoot them, you'll keep the money they dropped, but the same thing will happen the other way round, so it's best to be cautious about what you shoot. The DLC is called "The Lost and Damned", and it's only available on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC versions of the game. The content is now available in the game's free DLC update, but you'll need to download the content separately if you don't already own the game on any of those systems. Last year, we were finally given the Mafia 2 trophy lists for Wii U, PS3, and Xbox 360 and since then we've seen a lot of Mafia 2 news, including the introduction of new characters and the first DLC pack, The Lost and Damned. On June 12th, Hoechst's Brian Mossett wrote a blog post announcing that Mafia 2 DLC2 will be coming to Wii U. This DLC focuses on the original game's co-op mode. Mafia 2 adds plenty of new features for the sequel and while we've only been given a few details on the Wii U release, we now have a lot more to go on. Mossett wrote that Mafia 2's DLC2 would be adding a co-op mode, new items and weapons, more playable characters, and more, adding "if you've enjoyed the game so far, the second content pack is the reason why." Other than the fact that the DLC would add a co-op mode, there's still not much to go on about the release on Wii U. We've known the Wii U version would be getting a co-op mode (since it was confirmed by



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