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ICLEL 2018 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Murat Gürkan GÜLCAN / Gazi University - TURKEY

He has graduated from Artvin Teachers’ Training School, Teaching Diploma, Hacettepe University Educational Administration, Inspection Degree. Munich Ludwig Maximillian University Language preparation.Hacettepe University

Educational Administration, Inspection Master’s Degree, Ankara University European Community Research and Implementation Center, International Relationship Specialist, Ankara University Educational Administration, Inspection Ph. D. Primary school teacher, Speacial education teacher, Turkish Culture teacher (in Munich) More than 10 years of experience in curriculum development in either state schools or in private colleges. Education specialist in curriculum development studies, Ministry of National Education. More than 10 years of experience in monitoring and evaluation of educational activities in both state schools and private colleges as well as serving as facilitator for monitoring and evaluation activities as inspector. Head of Division, Head of Department, Assistant General Manager, Ministry of National Education. Proved experience in managing curriculum development and monitoring activities within different unit and branches of the Ministry of National Education specifically through primary education as well as other school types within private colleges. More than 10 years of professional work experience within different regions and provinces of Turkey including Eastern and South eastern parts specifically related to education.Teaching staff, Marmara University and Gazi University. More than 10 books, 20 essays and articles on education and education management, more than 40 events. More than 20 years experience in child labor.


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