ICLEL 2020  Editorial Board select 4 papers for ICLEL 20 academic best paper awards.

1. Psychological impact of Covid-19 epidemiological measures on Czech university students and potential protective and risk personality factors in

   educational setting

Authors = Lucie Křeménková & Jan Sebastian Novotný


2. The Effects of Pre-service Teachers’ Extracurricular Study Habits and Emotion Regulation on Lifelong Learning Tendencies in Covid 19 Process

Authors = H. Gülhan Orhan Karsak & Meltem Yurtçu


3. The Effects of Students' Experiences with the Transition from Primary to Secondary School on Self-Regulated Learning and motivation  

Authors =Ana Uka &  Arban Uka    


4. Organizational policy in schools and the relation between Herzberg’s Double Factor Hygiene - Motivation Theory

 Authors = Esef Hakan Toytok &  Abdullah Acar 

(TÜRK KATILIMCILAR İÇİN YAYIN TEŞVİKTE GEÇERLİDİR). ICLEL 2018 ve ICLEL 19 da Akademik Teşvik şartlarını karşılayan tek konferans idi. 

ICLEL Editorial Board has awarde 2 papers from ICLEl 19 ; 

1. Aydın Balyer & Erkan Tabancalı- The Roles of Interest and Pressure Groups on Developing Educational Policies in Turkey

2. Gökhan Ilgaz & Menekşe Eskici- Examination of Teachers' Participation in Professional Development Activities as Lifelong Education