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With globalization's effects having been felt all over the world.The European Union has changed its perception of Lifelong Education (LLE) and its importance has gained more acknowledgement than ever before. In accordance with European Union's interest in shaping the new generation to continually grow and develop their career using Lifelong Education programs of EU.
In light of these developments, this conference aims to discuss and debate how the new generation can consistently grow and succeed in the Business, Economic and Education sectors by fully understanding and continually applying Lifelong Leadership concepts and perspectives. In addition, it will focus on how to provide equal educational opportunities for the citizens in this competitive world for everybody in all age groups.

ICLEL 24' Main Topic is "Lifelong Education and Artifical Intelligence "


- The Concept of Lifelong Education-LLE
- Lifelong Science Education
- Lifelong Social Education
- Lifelong Special Education
- Educational Sciences for LLE
- Teachers’ Education and LLE
- European Union Education Programs
- Hobby Education Program
- Adult Education Programs
- Senior Citizens' Educations
- Lifelong Learning for Mass Education Program
- Process of Lifelong Learning
- Equality in Education
- Inclusion in LLE
- Curriculum Development for LLE
- Learning Theories of LLE
- Lifelong Distance Education
- Lifelong Learning Technologies
- Using Media in Lifelong Learning
- Comparative Lifelong Experiences
- Lifelong Language Education
- Literacy Development and Lifelong Learning
- Evaluation of LLE
- Psychology of LLE
- Psychological Counselling in LLE
- Psychological Support in LLE

- Internship and Vocational Education

- In Service Training in LLE

- Time Education

- Lifelong Sports and Education

- NGO Educations for Society

- Multi-Cultural Education

-  Internationalization in Education

- Religious Education, Values and Moral Education

- Citizenship Education

- Music and Art Education for Lifelong

- Leadership in Education

- Management and Educational Administration

- Human Resource Management

- Organizational Behavior

- Effects of LLE on Business Sectors

- Business Management

- Leadership in Business

- Globalization and Effects

- Organizational Pschology

- Public Adminstration

- Project Management for LLE

- Total Management Quality of Organizations

- Entrepreneurship in Education

- Developing Leadership and Entrepreneurship 

  skills via LLE

-Human Relations in Educational

-All topics related to the education etc...

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