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ICLEL 2023

9th International Conference on Lifelong Education and Leadership for ALL-ICLEL 23 held on University of Coimbra.


Venue: University of Coimbra Faculty of Physchology and Educational Sciences, Coimbra-Portugal 

Date=JULY 06-08, 2023 

ICLEL 23 was a part of EU Beyond the Limits: Developing Entrepreneurship via Creavity in Schools Project (Project No: 2020-1-TR01-KA203-093989) disseminationa activity 


If a Participant presents a paper on  "Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Education" it is FREE OF CHARGE.

This limits includes 30 people and Portugal researchers have priority except  EU Ka 203 Beyond the Limits project partner university academicians including Coimbra University based on EU rules.


Honorable Committee

Hamza Al resim.jpg rector

 Prof.Dr. Hamza AL 

    Rector of Sakarya University

Prof. Dr. Amílcar Celta

Falcão Ramos Ferreira

Rector of University of Coimbra

Rüştü Yeşil.jpg Dean

 Prof.Dr. Rüştü YEŞİL 

  Dean of Education 

Sakarya University

MPP foto oficial.jpg dean

 Prof.Dr. Maria Paula Paixão

Dean of Faculty of Education

University of Coimbra

Heads of Conference

Chair of ICLEL Conferences
joseGijon.jpg Co chair
Carlos Reis Chair

General Chair / Prof. Dr. Osman TİTREK

Faculty of Education

Sakarya University 

 Chair / Prof.Dr. Carlos Sousa de Reis 

Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences

University of Coimbra

 Co-Chair / Prof.Dr. Jose Gijon PUERTA

Faculty of Education

 University of Granada

During ICLEL 2023, top keynote speakers  presented, such as:

1. Prof. Dr. Dana Redford –  University of California, Berkley – United States of America;

2. Prof. Dr. Mirzana Pašić Kodrić –  University of Sarajevo –  Bosnia and Herzegovina;

3. Prof. Dr. David Rae –  De Montfort University –  United Kingdom;

4. Prof. Dr. Dan Petrica –  Agora University of Oradea – Romania; 

5. Prof. Dr. Pablo Garcia Sempere –  University of Granada – Spain;

6. Prof. Dr. Albertina Oliveira – University of Coimbra – Portugal;

7. Prof. Dr. Jose Gijon Puerta –  University of Granada –  Spain;

8. Prof. Dr. Regina Frank – De Montfort University –  United Kingdom;

9. Prof. Dr. Pablo Rodriquez Herero- Autonomous University of Madrid-Spain.

Editorial Board Selected 2 Papers for ICLEL 23 Academic Best Paper Awards.

1.  Examining The Relationship Between Teachers' Self-Efficacy for Educational Technology Standards and Their Technostress Levels

Authors: Şenay Sezgin Nartgün- Bolu Abant İzzet Baysal University- Türkiye

 Şule Gegekoğlu-PhD student, Bolu Abant İzzet Baysal University- Türkiye

 Zekeriya Nartgün – Bolu Abant İzzet Baysal University- Türkiye

2. Reducing stereotypes towards people with disabilities – a fundamental condition for sustainable scholar and social inclusion

Author :  Valentin Blandul -Oradea University Romania 



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