Keynote Speakers

1.. "Emotions in the Education Space:  Challenges for Students, Teachers and Leaders”


“All over the globe, one of the growing areas educators are being asked to address is what is referred to as socio-emotional skills.  But challenges impacting emotions and emotional health impact all actors in schools and education institutes.  Research on students entering schools and universities, issues impacting teaching at all levels, and the strains confronting leaders are shaping schools as we know them.  The changing nature and needs of today’s students, the ubiquity and growth of social media, the ease of spreading false and hateful information and messages, and the strain of budget challenges and demands for increasing performance levels all combine to shape the dynamic nature of schooling as we know it.  This discussion aims to identify the key challenges and issues confronting all those who make up the school milieu, and offers ideas that educators can employ to address the varying concerns.”

Keynote Speaker: Prof. Dr Rick GINSBERG- Dean of Education Faculty at Kansas University

Rick Ginsberg, Ph.D., has served as Dean of the School of Education at the University of Kansas since August, 2005.  He is the co-author or editor of four books and over 90 refereed articles and book chapters.  His research examines issues related to individual and organization success and school policy and reform.  His most current studies examined how academic leaders and institutions deal with social media crises, with his co-authored paper for in the Journal for Higher Education Management awarded the Neuner Award for Excellence in Professional and Scholarly Publication by the American Association of University Administrators.  His 1997 book, Exceeding Expectations:  Successful Adults With Learning Disabilities, was the 1997 American Library Association recommended learning disability book of the year. His work has been funded by over $4.5 million of federal and state grants.  He co-chaired both the 2018 and 2019 Global Education Deans Forum, served as the co-chair of the Kansas Anti-Bullying Task Force, and serves as a Tri-Chair for the Learn Coalition.  He is the former Chair of the Kansas Professional Standards Board, past Chair of the Board of Directors of the American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education (AACTE), is former member of the Board of Directors for the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP).   Dr. Ginsberg completed his doctoral work in Administrative, Institutional and Policy Studies at the University of Chicago.

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2.  Keynote Address: Emotional Intelligence, Leadership and Lifelong Learning

     Workshop: Educator’s Practical Guide to Developing Emotional Intelligence Skills


Emotions exist and are flowing throughout through our classrooms, lessons, workplaces, and families. These emotions impact how we think, what we think about, our decisions and our behavior whether we are aware of them or not. Emotional intelligence, defined as an ability or a set of “hard skills”, consists of being able to accurately perceive emotions, leverage emotions, understand emotions and effectively manage emotions. The keynote examines different theories of emotional intelligence, why EI defined and measured as an intelligence matters, and how these skills can enhance leadership effectiveness for lifelong learning.

  Keynote Speaker :  Dr. David R. CARUSO - Yale University- USA

He is a research affiliate at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, Special Assistant to the Dean of Yale College and the co-founder of Emotional Intelligence (EI) Skills Group. David is the co-author of the Mayer, Salovey, Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test (MSCEIT) and has provided feedback to thousands of executives. He and colleague Peter Salovey wrote the “how-to” book, The Emotionally Intelligent Manager. He is a co-author (with Lisa Rees) of The Leader’s Guide to Solving Challenges with Emotional Intelligence, co-author of The Anchors of Emotional Intelligence school-based EI training program (Brackett, Caruso & Stern), and co-author of The Educator’s Practical Guide to Emotional Intelligence (Caruso, Rees and Adams). David has published numerous articles – peer reviewed journal articles, reviews and chapters - on the topics of emotional intelligence and leadership. He has spoken to executives and has trained thousands of professionals around the world from Brazil to Ireland to China to Russia. Over the years, he has spoken at Lockheed Martin, World Economic Forum, Google, Procore, Sberbank, Yale School of Medicine, US Coast Guard Academy and USCIS. 

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3. Covid 19 and effects on Education System-Round Table 

Keynote Speaker : Dr. Özgür BOLAT

Dr. Ozgur Bolat had his B.A. from Bogazici University School of Education. He later received the Fulbright and TEV scholarship to study for a Master’s degree at Harvard University Graduate School of Education. Upon completion, he returned to Turkey and taught at Bogazici University for two years.  Bolat received his PhD at the School of Education University of Cambridge in the UK.  During his PhD studies, Bolat spent one year at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Sloan School of Management as a visiting PhD student and at MIT Leadership Center as a researcher.  During this time, he conducted research on leadership and in 2008, he won ‘The Best Young Researcher’ award at an international conference in New Zealand.  Returning home to Turkey, Dr. Ozgur Bolat worked as a columnist at Hurriyet Newspaper (a mainstream newspaper with the highest circulation in Turkey) for 12 years. With his extensive education and considerable experience, he is a sought-after keynote speaker. He routinely offers workshops for parents, teachers and managers, speaking to more than 20,000 people each month.  Dr. Bolat has also developed a culturally appropriate leadership assessment tool which has been used in many companies for leadership selection and leadership development in Turkey. He is the spokesperson for Google, Youtube, Youtube Kids, Unilever and Hepsiburada (the Amazon of Turkey) for their corporate social responsibility project. He has founded a parenting school, and a teacher training institute. He has also founded a parenting app that helps parents raise self-confidant children.  

In this talk, Dr. Ozgur Bolat will talk about how Covid affected the educational practices and policies in Turkey, what factors hindered or facilitated the learning process, how children and families were affected psychologically and why some children benefited from this crisis while others were influenced negatively.

4.The Four E’s, Leadership and Sustainability

Keynote Speaker: Assoc. Prof.Dr. David HOWARD-Oxford University/ENGLAND

He is an Associate Professor in Sustainable Urban Development at the University of Oxford, and a Fellow of Kellogg College, Oxford. He is Director of the Sustainable Urban Development Programme at the University of Oxford, which promotes lifelong learning for those with professional and personal interests in urban development. David is also Co-Director of the Global Centre on Healthcare and Urbanisation at Kellogg College, which hosts public debates and promotes research on key urban issues affecting society today, with the aim to provoke discussion and constructive action, linking current best practice in related areas of research.

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Taking for backdrop our contemporary “endangered environment”, we essay an analysis of the “Sustainable Development Goals for 2030”, in order to bring forth the challenges pertaining education, while part of a multi-causality complex system that involve people, the planet, prosperity, peace and collaboration. The relevance of soft competences is explained, namely to discuss the kind of education that is expected to be required as well as the future of work, which is already here, as we are currently at the heart of a paradigm shift that points to: a wide range of employment conditions; with an expanding tendency to new forms of work outside the structured employment relationships; meaning the very likelihood of the end of unified workplaces, times and activities; accompanied by the emergence of multifaceted and discontinuous career paths; a phenomena which is related with the end of static and predictable labour markets with well-defined boundaries; at the same time that interconnections between work and private life will raise. We want to highlight some trends so to put in perspective the problems we are facing, which in some way could represent a receding horizon if we do not shake away the euphemistic readings and engage in effective courses of action, taken seriously.

Keynote Speaker : Prof.Dr. Carlos Sousa de REIS -COIMBRA UNIVERSITY PORTUGAL

He was born at OPorto, Paranhos, 1960.11.15. He is studying at University of Coimbra Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences.

Academic and professional degrees 2008: Doctorate (PhD) in Education Sciences, specialty of Philosophy of Education, by Coimbra University. Thesis title: Education and media culture: Analysis of un-educative practices Directors: João José S.M.Boavida, António Simões; Committee: Angel Garcia del Dujo, Manuel Pinto, Maria das Dores Formosinho, Manuel Alte da Veiga, João Boavida, António Simões, Ana Paula Relvas Classification: Praise and Distinction 1998-1996: Attendance of the curricular part of the Doctoral Programme in “Comunicación y Pluralismo”, Salamanca Pontifical University; seventeen subjects: 31 ECTS; Click for more infos please click here 



“Migration, Multiculturalism, Human Rights and the paradigm shift in the actual international politics (re)action.”

2020 has been an unquestionable challenge for the Humanity and the world course that was decided based in a completely unknown future. The enemy – the virus – is invisible but the worst and more aggressive threat to the Human Being. There is no medicine or treatments against the COVID-19 and there are no real expectations to find it in the near future. The world numbers of the Human Beings death and infected by the SARS-COV are serious and obliged a never known full world stop. The Humans were mostly afraid and impotent to fight with this dangerous virus; the politicians mostly connected to combat the immediately Public Health and try to answer the needs of the millions affected, directly or indirectly; the economies full stopped, crashing; the companies and institutions – private and public – without conditions to combat and break their immediately needs. The world faced one of the most serious and difficult challenge in the Contemporary History, and it is being designed a New World Order. Concerning the political reply to this unexpectable and serious context, the States and International Organizations were working together, however, there are a completely different politic answer and (re)action in different States America.

However, in spite of all this complex context to the Humanity, in general, there were an important connection between governments, politicians, economies, finances, cultures and religions, in domestic, regional and international scenery, all around the world during the Pandemic hardest situation. This is not a situation solved and it´s not preview to be solved in next future – there are important and serious problems affecting millions that in this context just were dangerously exacerbated. It is serious and urgent a global joint campaign to call for the attention and appeal to the responsibility – specially the Governments, the group of States and International Organizations, and the societies - to the problems that didn´t disappear within the world is concentrated in Pandemic fight: the poverty increase, serious diseases without medical treatment provoking the worst health consequences, including undefined number of deaths; unemployment of millions; starvation; the migrants and the refugees without any protection or support, by the states, International Organizations (Governmental or Non-Governmental) leave “alone” due the Pandemic legal demands of confinement, and so many other serious human problems leave “stand by” during the hard impact of COVID-19 and the were worsened. In this context, specially by the Worth Health Organization analysis and general guidelines, the International Politics have been mostly concerted, but there have been the a kind of negligence of the effective protection of the Human Rights with such serious consequences that we cannot have the real information but that needs an immediately action from the responsible as the States and the International community, avoiding the deterioration of the whole worst violations of the rights of millions around the world.



Keywords: Human Rights; Migration; Multiculturalism; International Politics

Keynote Speakers: Ana Campina  

                          & Carlos Rodrigues

7.  Topic: Pandemic and Effect on Education System 

Keynote Speaker: Asist. Prof. Dr. Mirzana Pasic Kodric - University of Sarajevo-Faculty of Education/ Bosnia & Herzegovina

She was born in Bosnia and also she worked in the USA universities about 10 years . Her academic career is below;

March 2017: PhD:“Džemal Bijedić” University of Mostar, Faculty of Humanities, Department of the Bosnian Language and Literature. 

April 2012:  PhD candidate, “Džemal Bijedić” University of Mostar, Faculty of Humanities, Department of the Bosnian Language and Literature.

April 2012: MPhil, University of Sarajevo, Faculty of Philosophy, Department of the Literatures of Bosnia-Herzegovina and the Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian language, Postgraduate Studies (Prior to the-Bologna Process).

April 2007:  Licensed teacher of the Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian language and literature, Ministry of education and science of the Canton of Sarajevo.

1998 – 2003: BA/MA, University of Sarajevo, Faculty of Philosophy, Department of the Literatures of Bosnia-Herzegovina and the Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian language, Graduate Studies (Prior to the-Bologna Process).

1994 – 1998: Classical Grammar School “Third Gymnasium”, Sarajevo

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8. Topic: Pandemic and Effects on Education System-Round Table

Keynote Speaker : Assoc. Prof.Dr. Muhammad Faizal Bin A. Ghani (University of Malaya, Malaysia).

He is an Associate Professor in the Department of Educational Management, Administration and Policy, Faculty of Education, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur. Her expertise is Educational Leadership focusing on Educational Management and Administration, and School Finance. His expertise is for the benefit of society by sharing some academic knowledge, skills, and value in the forms of reading material such as publishing nine academic books and more than hundred articles. His latest academic book entitled “Effective School: Theories and Practices”. In terms of delivering an academic speech, he has been selected to be keynote speakers and invited speakers for some international and national conferences, seminars, and workshops. In the research area, besides being an evaluator for research proposals of his university’s academic staff, he has been awarded more than USD80,000 research grants for his interest in Effective School, Educational Leadership, School Finance, and Principalship. Therefore, all experiences of  him are put in the shape of a journal namely Journal of Educational Leadership by appointing him as an editor besides being an editorial board for some international journals like Bannu University Research Journal in Education, Journal of Economics and Finance, European Journal of Educational and Social Sciences and International Journal of Education Teaching and Learning.

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9. Keynote Speaker : Dr. Ramo Palalic

He is the Coordinator of the Leadership and Entrepreneurship Centre at the IUS. Dr. Palalić’s research interests are entrepreneurship, leadership, marketing, small and family business management. As an Assistant Professor, Dr. Palalić teaches at all three study cycles in the above areas. Apart from this, he is actively involved in business projects in the areas of entrepreneurial leadership and marketing management, in private and public organizations. He has authored and co-authored many articles in reputable international journals, several books, and many book chapters. Additionally, he is serving a few journals as a reviewer/editorial board member".If you would like to learn more about him please Click for CV