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Faculty of Business and Management

Address: 1084 Budapest, Tavaszmező str. 17. Budapest, HUNGARY

 The Faculty offers the following undergraduate courses: B.Sc. in Engineering Management and BA in Management and Business Administration, and in Commerce and Marketing as well as postgraduate programs: M.Sc. in Business Development and MA in Teacher of Engineering (Engineering Manager). The objective of the BA in Management and Business Administration course is to train economic experts who are knowledgeable about economics, social sciences, applied economic sciences and methodology. Students are given the knowledge that will enable them to plan and analyze processes for economic organizations and institutions, as well as manage and organize entrepreneurial activities and processes. In possession of the required sound knowledge, the students can further their studies to a master program, if desired. Tracks: Marketing, Business Informatics, Business Organizer. 

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 UNIVERSITY OF ÓBUDA, Faculty of Business & Management- Budapest-HUNGARY 

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