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Fees & Payments

Presential Participation

1. Participant Oral/Poster/Virtual presentation for  paper
2. Attendance of all Conference areas and social events
3. Abstract Proceedings Book
4. ICLEL 2023 Conference program, pencils etc.
5. Conference Bag and Name Tag 
6. Certificate of Participation  of ICLEL 2023
7. Attendance to Portugal Cultural Night
8. Publicate paper after reviewing in a journal/conference proceeeding book
(Read Important Notes 1 below, please )


Early rates:

 Until the end of April: 125 Euro  (+bank transfer fee)

           May- June : 175 Euro  (+bank transfer fee)

Late rate:  250 Euro 

The rate includes presentation of 1 paper.

Rate for extra papers: 100 Euro/ each


If a Participant presents a paper on  "Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Education" it is FREE OF CHARGE.

This limits includes 30 people and Portugal researchers have priority except  EU Ka 203 Beyond the Limits project partner university academicians including Coimbra University based on EU rules.

Virtual Participation

1. Free attendance online activities,
2. Rector signed ICLEl 23 certificate
3. Free listen to Keynote Speakers
4. Having online ICLEL 23 program
5. Conference Book & Ijlel Journal publication options
-There is no discount for Indexed journal options !

Early rate: 
Until  June 05: 100 Euro/ 115 USD

                           (+bank transfer fee) 

*Rates for  Virtual Presentation of Turkish citizens

Early Rates: April  :    750 TL 

        May- June  :  1000 TL 

 Late Rate               : 250 Euro

*In person participation, Turkish citizens also will pay normal congre participation fees!

The rate includes presentation of 1 paper.

Rate for extra papers: 100 Euro/ each

Participation as Audience

1. Free Attendance All Conference Areas and Social Events
2. Conference Proceedings Book
3. Conference program, pencils etc.
4. Conference Bag and Name Tag
5. Certificate of Participation as Audience

 100 Euro/ 115 USD
(+bank transfer fee) 

Late Rate : 200 Euro



Ethical Announcement: Iclel conferences ( are responsible for preparing and submitting the conference book to Thomson and Reuters for Web of Science indexing. Indexing is entirely by Thomson and Reuter's initiative. In addition, it is not responsible for the problems that may occur in indexing the journals published. Indexing is the responsibility of the journal editorship and Scopus, Thomson and Reuters ! ICLEL Conferences does not accept responsibility for problems that may arise in indexing journals.

To attend the ICLEL Conference as AUDIENCE please fill in the 

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