Account Numbers

Euro Account

Account Name: SİNAN ATMACA

Akbank Adapazarı  Branch 

Branch Code: 0027

Account No: 0284948

IBAN:TR03 0004 6000 2703 6000 2849 48

US Dollar Account

Account Name: SİNAN ATMACA

Akbank Adapazarı Branch

Branch Code: 0027

Account No: 0014321

IBAN: TR42 0004 6000 2700 1000 0143 21

Turkish Lira Account

Account Name: SİNAN ATMACA

Akbank Adapazarı Şubesi

Şube Kodu: 0027

Account No: 0014320

IBAN: TR21 0004 6000 2788 8000 0143 20

  When you are making the payment please write Paper ID  at the explanation section !

Organization – Subject:          ICLEL Conferences 
Street, number, postal code: Sakarya University Education Faculty Hendek Sakarya 54300
Bank address, number, postal code, town : Akbank Hendek Branch, BAŞPINAR MAH. ŞEHİT GAFFAR OKKAN CAD. 111. SOK. NO:6 54300- Hendek/Sakarya TURKEY 

If you would like, you can pay via MONEY TRANSFER SYSTEMS such as  WESTERN UNION, UPT and MONEYGRAM as well! My adress is :
Prof.Dr. Osman Titrek -Eğitim Fakültesi Hendek-Sakarya 54300 TURKEY
ICLEL Conferences use EURO as main money for the payment and exchange rates! 


 Early Registration (Basic Package-until May 15, 2022) 

1. Participant Oral/Poster/Virtual for  paper
2. Free Attendance All Conference Areas and social events
3. Meals (3 Lunches, rich refreshments and coffee breaks.
4. Abstract Proceedings Book
5. ICLEL 2022 Conference program, pencils etc.
6. Conference Bag and Name Tag 
7. Certificate of Participation  of ICLEL 2022
8. Free Attendance to Bosnian Cultural Night
9. Publicate paper after reviewing in a journal/conference proceeeding book
(Read Important Notes 1 below, please )
10. There is no discount for INDEXED JOURNAL publication options!

1. Every participants must pay attendance fee separately! if s/he is attanding as in person !

2. For more info please read important notes below ;

-Based on the agreement
Academicians from   Turkey =
175 Euro (CPB and Ebsco publication) ! until June 15 payments!

-If you would like to publish more extra paper fee of 150 Euro!

-If you would like papers in Scopus Q3, Q 2 & Q1, and SSCI, you have to pay discounted journal fee!



175 Euro or 200 USD 

(This is conference participation fee in person) !

1. Scopus :  Q3 & Q2 =
  600 Euro (€) 
Q4 = 400 Euro

2. SSCI & ERIC: 
Related journal fee



Virtual Presentation (1 paper)  Basic Package 

-Free attendance online activities,
-Rector signed ICLEl 22 certificate
-Free listen to Keynote Speakers
-Having online ICLEL 22 program
-Conference Book & Ijlel Journal publication options
-There is no discount for Indexed journal options !

 Conference Book & Ebsco= 
125 Euro or 150 USD 

Bank Transfer Fee (40 Euro) 

Early Registration for Audiences  (Basic Package) 
1. Free Attendance All Conference Areas and Social Events
2. Meals (Lunches, and Coffee Breaks)
3. Conference Proceedings Book
4. Conference program, pencils etc.
5. Conference Bag and Name Tag
6. Certificate of Participation as Audience
8. Free Attandance to SPANISH Cultural Night​


150 € or 200 $
+ bank transfer fee


  Late Registration for Participants -                    

  Including  Virtual (video) presentation- (Last Day)

  Late Registration for Participants -                    

  Including  Virtual (video) presentation- (Last Day)


250 €  or   280 $
200 €   or 250 $

Late Registration for Audiences (Last Day)

Ethical Announcement: Iclel conferences ( are responsible for preparing and submitting the conference book to Thomson and Reuters for Web of Science indexing. Indexing is entirely by Thomson and Reuter's initiative. In addition, it is not responsible for the problems that may occur in indexing the journals published. Indexing is the responsibility of the journal editorship and Scopus, Thomson and Reuters ! ICLEL Conferences does not accept responsibility for problems that may arise in indexing journals.


                                                                                          Important Notes :

1.  Consult with the bank you want to transfer the money from and make sure 175 € will be the net transferred amount. If you submitted your papers as multiple authors you have to pay 100 Euro for each extra papers!

2. If your university is paying on your behalf, make sure they state your name and Paper ID no, when doing so. The ICLEL 2022 pay-as-you-go rules are as follows:

a. Each active participant must pay 1 full fee in person participation !

b. One full fee has to be paid for each paper .

c. If there is 1 more active participant with 1 papers, the correspondent author will pay the full fee and the others have to pay the audience fee .

e. If your spouses and children will arrive, you will be required to pay a total of 100 EURO per person for the Gala Night, breaks and lunches .

f. Scientific Committee Members will have 100 Euro discount, if they would like to publish on Conference Book. 

g. Audiences will  pay 150 euros ! 

h. Master students will pay 100 Euro ! PHD Students will pay 175 euro ! +bank transfer fee !

ı. Fees are not refunded in the last 20 days approaching the congress date !

3. A group discount of 10% is available for 5 or more participants (except student) from the same institution, registering at the same time.

4. When you make your payment, please send your invoice to and also do not forget to write Paper ID number and participant's name.

5. If your full paper is more than 9+references pages. If your paper will select for SSCI, SCOPUS or ERIC indexed Special Issues , 80 Euro will transfer from participation fee to the Special Issue fee! Other fees must be paid by Authors! 

6. Your papers are edited according to APA 6 Style, so the number of your pages may increase. References must be least 15 in the paper and lots of them must be last 10 years publications. 

7. You can make your extra pages payment using the same payment methods used for registration.

8. Refund is only possible till 30 days before from the conference starting date, and you will get your refund after one week later from the conference finishing date. Bank fee must be paid by participants.

9. All the fees must be of the NET AMOUNT provided in the registration fees table. Bank transfer fee must be afforded by the participants!

10. During the participation in the conference, paper can be withdrawn until the last 1 week (7 days) and a refund will be made. The paper cannot be withdrawn in the last week and the paid fee will not be refunded even if it is withdrawn!