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Submit Papers with ICLEL Chair System

Once you sign up for an author account; please follow the instructions provided on the webpage or skim through the steps given right below.  Please make sure that the conference you are submitting a paper to is titled ICLEL 2023 !  Submission Instructions are below: 

Step 1. Click the link given above and enter the words in the box provided.

Step 2. Fill out a form which will require you to provide your full name and mail address.

Step 3. A confirmation mail will be sent to your e-mail address. The mail will contain a link to activate your sign up process.

Step 4. Fill related infos about yourself and your organization. Make sure you have signed up for an AUTHOR account. Moreover key words must be written without using the lower line and punctuation marks.

Step 5. Click on a "New Submission" menu to submit, but before that you will hav to agree to the terms and conditions. Later upload your abstract as PDF format. 

Step 6. After accepting Terms and Conditions, click on "New Submission".

Step 7. A submission page will be opened and add all info about you (the AUTHOR) and your paper.

Step 8. The webpage might tell you to correct some infos (please be noted that the info you provided will stay intact) and you will have to make some changes along the way.

Step 9. finally, once your form meet the standards, you will submit your paper by clicking on the submit button down below.

FULL PAPER SUBMISSION: When you registered to the easychair system, please write name and password somewhere you never forget it. Because you will use that registration name and password while you are uploading and uploading and updating your papers. Please upload your full paper to the your Paper ID section. You never upload full paper as new submission!!!
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