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ICLEL 18 Conference Book

Publishing Date:  28.12.2018 

Indexed in WoS

ICLEL 18 Abstract Book

Publishing Date: 30.06. 2018 

ICLEL 18 ERIC indexed Special Issue:

ICLEL 18 some papers has published on SSCI Special Issue and it i open until September 2019.

                ICLEL 2018


1. Zeki Akıncı, Gülseren Yurcu & Murad Alpaslan Kasalak (2018). The Mediating Role of Perception in the Relationship between Expectation and Satisfaction in Terms of Sustainability in Tourism Education. Presented at ICLEL 18 and published on

2. Zuzana Straková andIvana Cimermanová (2018). Critical Thinking Development—A Necessary Step in Higher Education Transformation towards Sustainability. Presentedat  ICLEL 18 and published on 

3. Manuela Magalhães, Ana Campina(2018). Migrants and Refugees in European Union: “Warm Peace”, Human Rights Education and Political Sustainability. Presented at ICLEL 18 and published on  

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