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Paper Submission & Guidelines & Editorial Policy 

Deadline for Abstract Submission is JUNE 15, 2024 ! 

ICLEL 2024 Paper presentation format as Power point is attached.
Click Here for PPT of empirical study!
Click Here for PPT of theoretical study!
Click Here for Poster template.

Please check and prepare your paper, based on PAPER PREPERATION FORMAT and SPELLING RULES and paper formats below.
Please click for ICLEL ABSTRACT SUBMISSION format. If you would like to submit an abstract please use this Abstract Submission format. 

(The aim, problem and sub problems, methodology, scale, analysis techniques, results and suggestions). When you prepared your ABSTRACT, please submit from Please register from this link and enter the ICLELCHAIR menu and submit your abstract or full paper to the 9 th International Conference on Lifelong Education and Leadership for ALL-ICLEL 2024.
Please click for ICLEL FULL PAPER SUBMISSION format. Please prepare yourfull paper based on this format !

1. Paper must be the most 10 pages+references+ plagirism report! (or 5000-7000 words) 
2. Plagirism Report must be added at the end of the paper and plagiarism rate must be lower than  20 % is going to be asked for each full paper!
3. References must be excluded while you are having plagirism report !
4. Least 15 citations and 10 of them must be from last 10 years published papers 
5. When you prepared your paper please click ICLELCHAIR SYSTEM for ICLEL 2023 submission! While you are submitting full paper, please use your PAPER ID number you have got before! Please do not open new account!
6. Moreover, follow APA 7 Style for quotations, citations and list of references! and add ORCID ID after your name on the paper !
*NOTE: The papers that do not comply with the spelling rules will not be accepted. Acceptance letters will be sent to you after being verified whether your paper has been prepared in accordance with the writing rules!
Please click for submitting an abstract  SUBMIT PAPER!   Abstract must be least 250 words including aim, problem statement, methodology, scale, relaibility, analysis techniques, results, suggestions  and references (least 10 references)! Moreover please write your ORCID ID under your name !

(Every full paper must have Plagiarism report and plagiarism rate must be less then 20 % !)

Editorial Policy

All new manuscripts to ICLEL Conferences should be submitted directly via iclelchair Online Editorial System. By using the online submission system, you can access and process your submitted manuscript(s) from anywhere with internet access, and all the records including the files and the exchange of information will be maintained.  


Step 1. To keep scientific integrity, one of our editors will run plagiarism on each new submission to check if it has potential problem of plagiarism. Papers not passing the plagiarism check will be desk separated and rejected immediately. 


Step 2. Then the publication Chairs will conduct initial check to ensure the submission falls within the scope of the conference and decide if it merits further review. Once passed the initial check, the manuscript will be assigned to reviewers for double-blind peer review. 


Step 3. Each selected submission will be reviewed by at least two or three independent expert reviewers in the field on originality, validity, quality and academic merit, and readability.


Step 4. The peer review reports received from the experts will be judged by one of the editors with international scientific standards.


Step 5. The logical and valid peer review reports will be sent to the authors for them to revise the manuscript accordingly. For invalid reports, the editor may either assign a new reviewer or make a judgement based on his/her own.


Step 6. Authors are required to respond to the peer review comments in details and revise their paper according to the points raised.


Step 7. The revised manuscript will then be evaluated by the editor whether the points raised by the reviewers have been fully addressed or not.


Step 8. Then the editor will send the revised manuscript to the reviewers again for re-evaluation.

Step 9. If all revision will be completed succesfully, editor will accept them for publishing. 


Step 9. If the reviewers approve the revised version of the manuscript, then the Editor-in-Chief will make a final decision on acceptance for the publication. 

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