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Presentation Options

Paper Presentation options are below:
1. ORAL : Must be prepare Power Point or PREZİ presentation max 15 minutes!
2. POSTERPoster dimensions presented at the conference: 85 cm wide x 120 cm
3. VIRTUAL (Video): If you are interested in Video or Virtual participation to ICLEL Conferences, please submit your paper via iclelchair system and later send an email ( to the conference secretariat. The details will be announced later on the conference web site. If your proposal is accepted you will be invited to register for the conference as a virtual presenter. Upon payment of the registration fee your paper will be listed as a virtual presentation.


Video Presentation:

  • Presentations of videos will be followed by a short discussion. The film duration should not exceed 15 minutes.

  • Presentations should be allowed in the following formats (.avi,.mp4). Slide shows using Microsoft Power Point are accepted though strongly discouraged.

  • Video presentations should be done in English language.

  • All papers will be published. 


If your video under the 20 MB, you can send your videos via e-mail If it's bigger than 20 MB, you should upload your video on Youtube and send your video link e-mail to During the conference dates, we will present your video presentations at the Conference Hall (will be announced later on ICLEL Web Site) and please send us your SKYPE adress or WHATSAPP number for contact during your paper presentation. 

Attentions for Authors:
Papers can be sent in English for Conference Proceding Book. Also we can publish with other languages (German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian and Arabic) at non indexed journals in ISI Web of Science!.
All papers should be prepared through ICLEL  Guidelines. If you send a non English paper you should prepare an English abstract as 150 words. The paper should be minimum 5, maximum 9 pages+ references long including pictures and tables. At the end also you have to prepare SUMMARY (least 750 words) of your paper! 

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