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ICLEL 2016 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kay S. Dennis

Dr. Kay Dennis, Associate Professor, Park University, USA

Dr. Kay Dennis earned an Ed. D. in Adult and Higher Education from North Carolina State

University, and completed undergraduate and master’s degrees in Nursing from the University of

Kentucky and East Carolina University, respectively. Most recently as a tenured Associate Professor

Dr. Dennis has supervised student research on adult education and developed and taught cutting

edge accelerated and standard online courses in the Graduate School of Professional Studies at Park

University. She has also held teaching appointments at Boston University, Midway College, and East

Carolina University. Her scholarly interests include continuing development of the adult learner;

online course design and learning; and intercultural communication.

Dr. Dennis’ administrative experience includes serving as Adult Education M. Ed. Department Chair

at Park University, Director of Distance Learning at Carteret College, Director of Learning Resources

at East Carolina University; and external program evaluator for a series of federally funded

initiatives in medical education, also at East Carolina University. Additional activities include

coaching and supervising the online teaching of some 500 part-time instructors; developing and

managing preceptor and extern programs; providing continuing education workshops for 900

healthcare workers; and obtaining and administering several technology grants.

Her international experience includes numerous conference presentations; guidance and support

for learners of English as a second language; faculty development; online degree program

establishment; and, as a 2010 Fulbright Scholar, teaching intercultural communication and

qualitative research methods courses.

Select publications:

Dailey-Hebert, A. and Dennis, K., (Eds.). (2014). Reframing higher education: The

transformation of people, processes, and perspectives in the new academy. Springer Publishing.

Schulte, M., Dennis, K., Eskey, M., Taylor, C., and Zeng, H. (2012). Creating a Sustainable Online

Instructor Observation System: Blending Mentoring and Evaluation. The International Review

of Research in Open and Distance Learning, 13:3, 83-96.

Dennis, K. (2012). Review of Online Interviewing, by N. James and H. Busher. Studies in Continuing

Education 34:1, 81-82.

Dailey-Hebert, A. and Dennis, K. (2011). Globalization and Online Learning: Educating in

Transformative Times. Journal of the World Forum for Education and Culture, 2:1, 11-15.

Dennis, K., Bunkowski, L. M., and Eskey, M. T. (2007). The Little Engine that Could – How to Start

the Motor? Motivating the Online Student. InSight: A Journal of Scholarly Teaching 2, 37-49.

Dennis, K. (2000). Creating an Environment for Successful Technology Integration. In R. Cole (Ed.),

Issues in Web-Based Pedagogy: A Critical Primer. Greenwood Publishing, CT.

Select Presentations:

Retreat to Advance: A Residential “Collaboratory” Approach to Program Redesign. Association for

Continuing Higher Education. Las Vegas, NV. 2014

A Multinational Comparison of Best Practices for Teaching Students Who Lack Academic English

Skills. International Higher Education Teaching and Learning Conference. Orlando, FL. 2013

Program Redesign: Creating a New Learning Experience through Student and Faculty Collaboration.

Association for Continuing Higher Education. Lexington, KY. 2013

Collaborative Knowledge Building for Online Professional Learners. Association for Continuing

Higher Education. Austin, TX. 2012

Online Faculty Evaluation Evolution: How Training, Mentoring and Resource Allocation Foster

Instructor Success. Western Cooperative for Educational Technologies. Denver, CO. 2011

When Your Students Lack English Fluency: Adaptive Teaching. British Association for

International and Comparative Education; UK Forum for International Education and Training,

Oxford, UK. 2011

Academic Quality with Faculty Development. University College Cork, Ireland. 2011

Toward a Democratic and Civil Society: Tearing Down the Walls of the Mind. Plenary Session,

International Academy for Humanization of Education, Liepaja University, Latvia. 2010

Intercultural Communications for a Democratic and Civil Society. Riga Teacher Training and

Educational Management Academy. Latvia. 2010

Infusing Online Courses with Opportunities for Interpersonal Skill Development. European

Association of Distance Teaching Universities Annual Conference. Maastricht, the Netherlands.


Instructor with Low Evaluations: A Constructive Corrective Action Plan. Distance Learning

Administration Conference. Jekyll Island, GA. 2008

Leadership Skill Development in Healthcare Administrators. Sloan-C International Conference

on Asynchronous Learning Networks. Orlando, FL. 2006

Elements of a Comprehensive Faculty Development and Mentoring Needs Assessment in Academic

Medicine. American Educational Research Association. New Orleans, LA. 2000


American Educational Research Association

American Evaluation Association

World Association for Case-method Research and Application

American Association for Adult and Continuing Education

United States Distance Learning Association

Association for Educational Communications & Technology

Association for Continuing Higher Education

Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education

Sloan-C Consortium

Fulbright Association


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