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Rochester Institute of Technology-USA


Ph.D. Sociology, University of South Carolina, Columbia M.B.A. Business Administration, Saint Martin’s College, Washington State B.A. Russian Studies, Dartmouth College


Building on my earlier interests in economic sociology and developing entrepreneurship in disenfranchised communities, I have turned to examining resettlement processes among refugees from war zones now living in the United States.

My current research focuses on the effects of global violence and the resulting displacements of people. My fieldwork among Liberian refugees in Rochester, NY, examines survival strategies adopted by the refugees throughout camps in West African countries. My study follows the refugees after resettlement and explores the complex processes of healing and readjustment as refugees are resettled in the U.S. and other western nations. I documents the continuing traumatization of refugees who have escaped the violence of war, but find themselves resettled in decaying and violent urban centers that lack the basic infrastructures to enable refugees and long-term city residents to become economically self-sufficient. I have published articles in anthologies, edited volumes, and a range of scholarly journals such as Race, Gender, and Class, Journal of Global Awareness, Journal of Black Studies, Economic Development Quarterly, Development and Society, Journal of Health and Social Policy. I am currently working on a book manuscript on the psychological, social and economic obstacles that refugees encounter as they attempt to construct new lives in the urban United States.



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2015 Socratic Forum: Syria’s refugees: A European crisis? Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York, November.

2015 (with V. Jappah) The emergence of Ebola in Liberia and neighboring West African nations: Public health, nation building and the role of the Diaspora.Liberian Studies Association Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL, May.

2015 (Panel presentation: co-organizer with Dr. Kijana Crawford). Islam: Local and global dimensions. Conable Conference in International Studies and Conable African Studies Symposium, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York, April.

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2014 Urban environments, sustainability and health equity: Impact of the built environment on refugee health. Malmö University/Rochester Institute of Technology Symposium. Malmö, Sweden, October.

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2009 Disinheritance: Remembrances of African Voice, Migration and Identity. New York African Studies Association, Syracuse, New York.

2009 Panel Chair: Ties That (un)Bind: Challenges and Opportunities in Diaspora Homeland Relations. New York African Studies Association, Syracuse, New York.

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2007 Conference Organizer, World Refugee Day: A New Home, A New Life. Monroe Community College, Rochester, New York. Sponsored by Rochester Committee on Refugee Resettlement in cooperation with Monroe Community College Holocaust Genocide Studies Project and the United Nations High Committee on Refugees.

2007 Poster Presentation, The Refugee Experience and Community Violence: A Case Study of Young Liberian Refugee Males in Rochester, New York. 2nd Annual Conference: The Health of the African Diaspora: The Health of Men. New York University School of Medicine, New York, New York.

2007 Panelist, Mental Health of Refugee Children and Families: Challenges to Service Providers in the Rochester Community. Department of Psychiatry, University of Rochester Medical Center, Rochester, New York.

2006 (with M. Omori) Eye of the Beholder: The Impact of Self-claimed Housework Hours and Spousal Perceptions of Housework Hours on the Risk of Divorce. Southern Demographic Association, Durham, North Carolina.

2006 The Brain Drain Phenomenon and the Technology Divide: An Application in Liberia, West Africa. The Fifteenth Annual Global Awareness Society International Conference, Chicago, Illinois.

2006 Discussant, Demographic Impact of the Global HIV/AIDS Pandemic. Speaker: Dr. Michael Keefer, Lead Investigator, University of Rochester Medical Center, HIV Vaccine Trials.

2005 Moderator, In the Wake of Katrina: A Response to Devastation of Community, Place and Identity, Panel and Discussion. Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York.

2005 The Impact of Established Immigrant Communities on Successful Refugee Resettlement: An Ethnographic Study of the Liberian Immigrant Community in Rochester, New York, the Fourteenth Annual Global Awareness Society International Conference, Rome, Italy.

2004 (with V. F. A. Golphin) Sociology and Literature in the Teaching of Urban Studies, the NYCEA Conference on Interdisciplinary Studies in Writing and Literature, RIT, Rochester, New York.

2004 (with K. N’Da) An Empirical Study of Web-based Systems Adoption by Minority Companies, Rochester Institute of Technology, College of Business, 3rd Annual Research Conference.

2002 African American and Ethnic Immigrant Entrepreneurship: Re-examining Human Capital and Social Capital Factors, Southern Sociological Society Annual Meeting, Baltimore, Maryland.

2002 Self-Employment: A Focus on Economic Development for African American Women,University of South Carolina: 15th Annual Women’s Conference, Columbia, South Carolina.

2001 Developing Entrepreneurship in African American Communities: A Means of Social and Economic Development, Southern Demographic Association Annual Meeting, Miami Beach, Florida.


Foundations of Sociology (in various formats: lecture; online; and blended)

Honors First Year Seminar: Conceptualizing human rights through scholarship and citizenship

Honors Colloquium: Service, Citizenship and Community

Disaster! Assessing Vulnerabilities and Responses to Global States of Emergency

Diversity in the City

Gender, Sexuality and Health

Global Exiles of War and Terror

Global Slavery and Human Trafficking

Globalization and Security

Independent Studies

Population and Society


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