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ICLEL 2018 Prof. Dr. Jonathan Michie / Oxford University-ENGLAND

He is studying at Innovation & Knowledge Exchange at the University of Oxford where he is

Director of the Department for Continuing Education, and President of Kellogg College. He is a member of various

University committees including Education, Finance, and the Social Sciences Divisional Board. He is also Treasurer

and a member of the Council and Executive Committee of the Oxford Society (the alumni association), and

Chair of Oxford Limited, which deals with the commercialisation of the University's 'brand', merchandising, etc. Jonathan

is Chair of the Board of Governors of UWC Atlantic College, and a member of the UWC Council. Suggested overview: Continuing education in an era of globalisation: It's said that we live in an era of 'globalisation'. I argue that this is not entirely new, and that we face choices over the 'type' of global economic and political co-operation and collaboration; and that the 'capitalism unleashed' variety of globalisation pursued since the 1980s has been damaging and unwise (see An Advanced Introduction to Globalisation, Elgar, 2017). In terms of policy, one thing that is clear is that education is becoming of increasing importance, both because of the heightened economic competition globally, including increasingly in markets for goods and services that require greater skills and educational levels, and because of the increased complexity of the economy and society within countries, with the rise of artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc. Further, these developments make increasingly important that education is provided flexibly, including online, and over people's lifetime - in other words, continuing education. The University of Oxford's Department for Continuing Education offers this type of flexible learning, with part-time courses and degrees, and online courses, with students from more than 120 countries.


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