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ICLEL 2019 Prof. Dr. Miroslaw Majewski - Nicholas Copernicus University / POLAND

He was worn in Poland, educated in mathematics. M.Sc. and Ph.D. in non-classical geometries at the Nicholas Copernicus University in Poland. Author of about 50 papers and books on computer graphics, applications of computers in education, mathematics, and computer science education, geometry in art and architecture. Some of his recent papers and books are related to the geometry in Islamic art and history of medieval Islamic mathematics. His book ‘Islamic Geometric Ornament in Istanbul’ shows modern detailed geometric constructions of many geometric ornaments that can be seen in Istanbul. His new series of books ‘Sketches on geometry and art’ is a systematic overview of various geometric ideas embedded in ancient as well as in modern architecture and architectural decorations. The most recent book in this series (in Polish) contains a detailed review of Central Asian methods in designing geometric patterns used in Islamic art and architecture. Recently he started writing a multipart monograph on decagonal geometric patterns. The first part of this book is completely devoted to Central Asian, XII-XVII century, geometric pattern design methods. The second part of this work is devoted to Seljuk and Ottoman design styles. The third part will cover a structural pattern design methods. Selected chapters of this monograph are printed already by Istanbul Design Publishing, a division of the Istanbul Design Center. More about his works at

In private life, he is an enthusiast of gardening, mountain hiking, photography and geometric art. His Symmetrica project ( ) combines various applications of geometry in art, in particular in Islamic art. Please wathch


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