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ICLEL 2015 Prof. Dr. Philip Stephenson

Faculty of Education - University of Cambridge

Philip Stephenson is currently a Fellow and Tutor at Homerton College Cambridge and until recently, a Senior Lecturer in the University of Cambridge Faculty of Education. He has enjoyed a diverse career including fifteen years working in UK primary schools as a Teacher, Local Authority Adviser and Headteacher prior to joining the University of Cambridge as a Lecturer and researcher in Education in 1996. Since then he has been involved in Initial Teacher Education and Training with a particular interest in Museum and Gallery Education. He has enjoyed a close association with the Education Departments of the University of Cambridge Museums and in particular, the Fitzwilliam Museum. He has taught science in secondary and middle schools and acted as science co-ordinator in addition to his general teaching duties in primary schools. After a two year LEA secondment as an advisory teacher, he returned to schools first as a deputy and latterly as a head teacher of a Cambridge city primary school. During this time he had some involvement with Homerton College as a teaching associate working on primary postgraduate courses. In 1996 he joined the full time staff of Homerton College. In addition to the role of lecturer, he also took on associate directorship of SCIcentre (National Centre for Primary Science in ITT), a collaborative project with the University of Leicester. This was aimed at improving standards in primary science teacher training through the identification and dissemination of innovative practice across the UK. Over the last five years he has been involved in a series of DfES funded collaborative curriculum development/professional development projects with the Fitzwilliam Museum and associated East of England museums and archives.


BSc (Hons) LSS Life Sciences (University of Manchester: 1980) PGCE Integrated Science (London University Institute of Education: 1981)

Membership of Professional Bodies/Associations

ssociation of Science Education (ASE) Association for Tutors in Science Education (ATSE) Science Learning Centre: East of England: Regional Advisory Group East of England Museums, Libraries and Archives Council (EEMLAC): Steering Committee Group for Education in Museums (GEM) Kings Hedges Primary School, Cambridge: Chair of Governors


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